Make Being Liked Matter Less

She doesn’t like me. That much is clear. She won’t make eye contact. Doesn’t speak to me unless she is forced to. I don’t know why. There’s never been a run in. A cross word or even a true exchange between us. And I admit, it hurts my heart.

Distraction. Clenching my mind and drawing it away from the message Pastor utters. Distraction. Worship with only mouth moving, words spilling, heart not feeling.

Whispers. My spirit tunes in.


I am for you.

People are fickle. One day they were praising Jesus, shouting, “Hosanna!” and less than one week later they called for His death. Fickle.

I am for you.

If He is for us, who can be against us. And who cares? When we get down to it, we need to stop caring if everyone likes us – trust me, as a people pleaser, this is something that is a constant struggle for me. We were put here for a purpose by the Creator.

If He chose us to have life because He saw our importance and necessity in this world, then who cares about the opinions of a human being who is flawed in their own sight. God sees with a lense of complete perfection. No scales and no logs in His eyes.

Who will you believe today? Are you struggling with insecurity? Struggling with what another thinks of you?

If this is also a struggle for you, share in the comments below.



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