Made To Crave Week 1, Day 1

If you haven’t purchased your book for this study yet, you can read the introduction here: Made To Crave Introduction. It’s not too late to join us. Purchase a Kindle Edition of Made to Crave and read along right on your PC or Smartphone.

Has your weight and/or health become a distraction from God? Is food a distraction spiritually?

As we start this study, I want you to keep a journal and honestly answer those two questions. Will your answers to those two questions change over the course of this online bible study? I believe they will and I am praying that for all of us.

What stuck out at you as you read through the introduction? Did you answer the question, What am I still lacking?

The story in Matthew 19:20 about the rich man asking Jesus what more he could do, really struck me when he received an answer that was somehow not what he wanted to hear. Give up your possessions and money. His response was to walk away. Defeated. Sound familiar?

With Jesus, if we want to gain, we must give up.
If we want to be filled, we must deny ourselves.
If we want to truly get close to God, we’ll have to distance ourselves from other things.
If we want to conquer our cravings, we’ll have to redirect them to God.

God made us capable of craving so we’d have an unquenchable desire for more of Him, and
Him alone. Nothing changes until we make the choice to redirect our misguided cravings to
the only one capable of satisfying them.

Getting healthy isn’t just about losing weight. It’s not limited to adjusting our diet and hoping
for good physical results. It’s about recalibrating our souls so that we want to change—
spiritually, physically and mentally. And the battle really is in all three areas.

Today’s Assignment: Read through the Introduction of Made To Crave. Get a journal. Any will do. Staple some blank paper together if you need to but start keeping a journal of things that strike you. Answer the first two questions listed above, honestly.

What stood out to you in today’s reading? Please share in the comments below.

Today’s Fitness Tip from Women’s Fitness Specialist, Bethany Learn at Fit 2 B Studio.

  • Add it up! You don’t need to do an HOUR at a time. Research showed that accumulating 150 minutes of movement per week is enough for health benefits!

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