Let It Go Bible Study Week 1

Some local friends and I are joining Melissa Taylor’s latest bible study with author, Karen Ehman. It’s called, Let It Go!

As women, we are wired to want to control things. We want to control our households, husbands, children, finances, jobs, and ministries. If you also struggle with control and knowing when and how to let something go, come join us! It’s always fun to discuss what we are learning together and to encourage one another as we two-step trying to make changes in our lives.





You’ll need the book pictured above. Just click the book cover and grab it on your Kindle or use a Kindle app so you can get started right away.

Our first assignment is to read Chapter One.

Watch the video listed on Melissa’s site.

Answer the following questions:

What is your control quotient?

What areas of control do you struggle with?

Share your thoughts on control in the comments below. I’ll share more of my struggles this week as well. Lord knows I have a long list.



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