Learn To Paint Cute Fall Pumpkins In The Easiest Online Painting Class! Join Us!


Learning to paint can be intimidating! If you’re an introvert like myself you may not want to put yourself out there and attend one of the sip and paint type classes that are being offered in studios everywhere!

Who wants everyone to see that they don’t know what they are doing? Or worry about everyone being able to see that you lack any artistic skills?

Or so you think!

Join my monthly membership class and learn the very basics of painting. Each month we will build on the skills taught and you get to paint something you can hang on your walls at home!

Hey, I even provide you with a drawing to trace and teach you HOW to trace it onto your canvas with just paper, a printer, and a pencil! It doesn’t get any easier than that!

The end of August we will be learning how to create  these adorable fall pumpkins! Right now we are working on some pretty sunflowers!

You can even do this with your kids! Wouldn’t a regular activity be fun to do together?

Join now!

The Easiest Online Painting Class by Mel's Doodle Designs

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