Jesus Covers The Lies Of Our Heart

Feel free to share my art work but please do not remove the copyright because that’s stealing. Thanks!


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  1. Have you seen the coupon code floating around for a free 8×10 canvas? I think this would be AWESOME on canvas, it’s truly amazing!
    Heather recently posted..September 3 in 30

    • I have not 🙂 But I want to paint and create it on canvas – is it for canvas for an image or for painting? I have a canvas that’s ready and waiting but I have to have some time… 🙂 THank you!

  2. I want to order one, an original by the artist please, I love this!
    Shanyn recently posted..How Do I Really Know?

  3. This is so cool, Melinda! I love it! What an awesome idea!
    Lynn Mosher recently posted..Fixin’ Up the Ol’ Shack!

  4. Awesome Mel, really… I want a copy too 🙂
    Heidi recently posted..It Shows

  5. I want it in a blanket!!

  6. I have a poster i made myself, it is titled never quit. It is pretty much the opposite of this. I would love to share it with you. There is magic in letting feelings words out on paper where you can read them. I love it. Props. You are doing wonderful things. <3 you always. Jeremiah misses and loves you auntie Mel.

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