James Bible Study Day 4

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It’s day 4 of our James Bible Study. Has this study impacted you? If so, how? Anything jumped out at you that you hadn’t noticed before?

Here are a couple of new things to think on:

  • Greek terms Greetings and Joy are linked. Greetingschairein
  • James uses the term “consider” instead of an emotion word when he tells us to “consider it pure joy” – think about it. What can we learn from a trial we’re in the middle of?
  • Greek word for trial is peirasmois and is linked to peirates. Notice the similarity to pirates? Because what do trials do? Steal, rob, destroy…


Today, start memorizing verse two along with verse one. Then dig into verse 3. Do some research on the word perseverance. Share what you learn. Journal it. What does it look like to persevere?

Don’t forget to utilize your free worksheets for the James Bible Study.

James 1:3 amp


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