James Bible Study Day 37

James bible study at melindatodd

Welcome to day 37 of our James Bible Study! Let’s take a look at James 4:7-8

There is something comforting about verse 7. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. I kinda wish God would have given us a time frame. Like, if you resist him for 2 full days, he will flee. But that would be us relying on ourselves to resist him, wouldn’t it?

Have you ever spoken the name of Jesus out loud and felt instant peace? There is something that happens when His name is spoken out loud. Claim that power. You can tell the devil to leave you alone in Jesus name and he HAS to obey. I don’t think enough is taught on our power as believers. And I’ll be honest, sometimes I forget that I have this power. Because sometimes, the day feels hopeless and the situation feels daunting and exhausting.

What would happen if we all claimed our rightful power every day? Imagine that world. Imagine the changes.

Let’s try that, gals. Will you join me? Give me a yes! in the comments below! I want to HEAR a resounding YES here!

Continue working on verses 1-8 for memory work.


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