James Bible Study Day 21

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Welcome to day 21 of our James Bible Study! Today, unpack verses 7-8.

It is interesting to read James talk about the rich and how they are the ones blaspheming God. We must be careful that it is not us!

Verse 8 reminds us to love our neighbors as ourselves and if we do this, we are doing right. It’s hard to love our neighbors sometimes. Maybe harder to love the ones who hate us. Or who are really liberal and don’t believe in God at all or are on the very opposite spectrum of politics.

But the only way they will see that our God is loving is if we ourselves are loving. That’s convicting. I know I’m not perfect at it.

Today, write out verses 1-5 for your memory work and skip two words at a time and then go back and fill them in. How is memorizing going? Share your homework on the Facebook page.


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