James Bible Study Day 19

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Welcome to day 19 of our James Bible Study and chapter two! Keep going! You’ve got this!

Today we’re going to dig into chapter 2 verses 1-4. I didn’t want to break this group up because they make the most sense together.

What sticks out at you today?

Isn’t it interesting that James tells us not to show favoritism. Do you ever feel like there are favorites in the body of Christ or maybe even in your own church body? Have you ever felt like you treated someone differently because of their appearance? Maybe you didn’t intentionally do it, but noticed it later. Or perhaps you’ve been discriminated against?

Journal about what these verses say to you today. Think about ways you can make someone feel welcome when they come to your church.

Recite verses 1-5 out loud several times. Do you know them by heart or did you have to look them up?

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