James Bible Study Day 16

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Welcome to day 16 of our James Bible Study!

Way to stick with it. If we’re moving too slow for you, please feel free to read ahead and dig in ahead. The reason for us taking this in bite sizes is so we don’t give up. It gives others a chance to join in late, and still feel like they can do it. Because I want you to stick this out and receive all that God has in store from you for doing this study of the book of James.

Today, let’s unpack verses 23-24. You’re probably already familiar with them. The reason we have been memorizing scripture in the past few months is because we need to tuck it away in our hearts so that we don’t forget. Because the human mind and heart have the ability to forget.

A part of why we return to Haiti to serve is because we know that our hearts can become complacent when we distance ourselves from a place, an event, and people. We love Haiti so much. It is part of my soul, in a way I can’t describe. And I don’t want to forget these people or this place or their struggle. If I can serve them, I will.

What does this verse mean to you? Does it remind you of your passion?

Continue to memorize verses 1-4. Write out all four verses without looking them up. Can you do it? If not, recite it out loud until you can!


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