I’m Pretty Merciless Sometimes

Speak when you are angry-and you’ll make the best speed you’ll ever regret. ~Dr. Lawrence J. Peter.

You know when God’s talking to you because like a mom, you find Him repeating Himself to you.  Just to be sure  you are getting the message loud and clear.  And honestly, we quite often need Him to repeat Himself because we are not truly listening.  Sometimes, we’re even selectively listening because we don’t like the message we’re getting!  (lalala I can’t hear you!  Oh come on, you know you do this periodically!)

Today, the Lord has been very clearly chatting with me about mercy and/or my lack of it.  Showing mercy is a choice.  It’s a habit that can be formed or left in the dust.

Being quick tempered is my habit.  A bad habit.

While I was out and about today, I found my blood pressure rising as the old guy cut me off in traffic with his vehicle and big stinking trailer.  And again while I sat in construction behind a car full of four smokers.  Yes, four.  If you are not a smoker,  you are feeling my pain.

I did actually manage to keep my mouth shut but that doesn’t mean my thoughts were nice.  I’ll even admit that a few four letter words went through my mind and I found myself rolling my eyes.  (I’m not claiming to be proud of this but I am being honest).


Maybe the old guy truly didn’t even see me.  I know I have done my fair share of cutting people off!  The four smokers probably didn’t even realize that their smoke was blowing into my car.

I didn’t die from any of it.  I didn’t lose time getting to my destination, which I had no time constraints on.  So, what is the big deal if I am made to be uncomfortable for a few moments?  It has become very clearly apparent that I need to work on what I allow to get to me.

Did Jesus curse those who were torturing Him as He was beaten and crucified?  The only answer is no.  Instead, He asked the Father to please forgive them.

So the next time something gets your goat, take a moment to think.  What should your response truly be?  Does it really matter in the end?

Eccl 7:9 Do not be quickly provoked in your spirit, for anger resides in the lap of fools.

Updated 12/24/2010

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