I Can’t Talk About This Anymore

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Have you ever had a situation frustrate you so much that all you seem to do is talk about it? So much so, even you are sick of hearing you talk about it? I have a couple of those issues that taunt me. And I can’t talk about them anymore.

Conviction is a wonderful thing but it can sting. I’ve gone before God with the two situations. Prayed over them multiple times. Like a heavy stone tossed into the deep river, God sank a message into the ravine of my heart.

Why are you still discussing it then?


If we’ve brought it to the Lord in prayer, we no longer need to be talking about it. No more bellyaching. No more group gripe fests. No more. Nada.

We need to change our thinking. Instead, let’s decide that God’s got it and step back and watch Him work it out.

Do you trust Him to handle it?

I will admit that my motivations are often selfish. They are about me and what I want. But what if what I want is not what God wants? Am I willing to submit to His authority and step back? Tough to do sometimes.

I challenge you today, stop talking about the problem. Pray about it and then ask God to help you keep your mouth shut. We’re going to need God’s intervention on this one.

Even fools are thought wise if they keep silent,
    and discerning if they hold their tongues. Proverbs 17:28

Are you dealing with a situation you’ve talked too much about? Has God ever convicted you to get quiet? Share in the comments section.





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