I Am That Woman by Dawn Paoletta

He purposed to be there that day. There was no getting around that fact. (John 4:1-42)
and once more the Master defied the disciples plans for their teacher. They shook their heads
in disbelief, yet there they were in Samaria, a place despised by the Jews of the day. Jesus led
them there and then once more showed them that the ways of the Father are not the ways of
the children. He was showing them they had much to learn of the Father’s unconditional love, grace and mercy. So off they went to get food …but Jesus stayed behind.

There she was, doing her best to avoid the judgment and criticism of the people which
she believed she deserved, anyway. She knew exactly when it was best to draw water from this well to avoid the abrasive remarks, cutting stares and uncomfortable confrontations. Yet she could not avoid this one appointment with destiny at the hands of the pursuing, loving and everlasting reach Jesus purposed for that day.

He looked at her and with love embraced her total being, it seemed he could see into her very soul. And he could. She knew he was a prophet, but learned he was much more. Knowing all, he spoke words of acceptance, grace and truth. Living Water was offered to quench the thirst that no ordinary water can offer. Spiritual renewal, refreshment and life eternal came to the woman at the well that day as Messiah revealed himself to her.

His invitation stands today…He offers the truth of His living water to the lowly, despised and forgotten as well as all who long for truth. He himself makes a way to meet us where we are whether on the beaten path or the well hid road. Jesus “had to go through Samaria”. (NIV) Is it any wonder why? His Father had a meeting planned for salvation for one who would then share with many. How I have visualized this scene over and over again in my mind. It is such encouragement to me.

I know the story so well, for I am that woman who met Jesus at the well of truth , and
after receiving His Living Water, went on to share his truth with many.

Oh, what a wonderful Savior! He loves us to the uttermost, transforms us by His grace and embraces us in the everlasting love for eternity.

Thank you Jesus that you care enough to take the road less traveled to reach those of
us that might otherwise be overlooked. Thank you for quenching the thirst of my soul with your love everlasting. Thank you for the woman at the well who is forever a lesson to me of your love, grace and truth for all.

“What do you think? If a man owns a hundred sheep, and one of them wanders away,
will he not leave the ninety-nine on the hills and go to look for the one that wandered off?
Matthew 18:12

Dawn Paoletta is a writer who is finally coming out of the closet and following her dream to share her life lessons and insights with anyone who will listen. Recently laid up with a muscular injury has temporarily curtailed her career in fitness allowing her the golden opportunity needed to reorder her priorities and shift her focus to blogging her greatest passions: Living out her faith as a modern day disciple of Jesus Christ and enjoying spending time with her husband, daughter and family pets. Having worked as a Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor most of her adult life she is a natural coach, encourager and teacher who can’t help sharing what she’s learned along her journey. She likes to serve up spiritual lessons learned with authenticity, grace and truth. Visit Dawn at Beneath The Surface.

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