How’d You Meet Your Husband?

Please share how you met your husband – or wife for you men 🙂 Just for fun and it’s only ONE question!

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  1. we met in high school back in 1979… been together ever since!
    Alida recently posted..Whats in the news here in Belize

  2. A mutual friend (unbeknownst to me) told him
    About me while we were out one night. Our friend
    asked him to come meet me. After he spent two
    hours mustering up the courage to do so, he opened the
    door separating the two areas we were in. I caught sight of
    him, head and shoulders above everyone else and I think
    I literally swooned. He came home with me that night (DID NOT
    get lucky) and never left. We will be married nine years in November
    And have a beautiful six year old MONSTER (big) of a boy!
    Disclaimer: Needless to say, our meeting happened B4 I responded to
    Jesus knocking on my heart’s door…

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