Why There’s A Hole In Each Heart


It is empty.

I fill it again.

It is empty.


There is a hole in the bottom that is unseen.

Only something solid will plug the hole and fill it completely.

I try once again.

It is empty.

There is a hole in every single heart.  It’s a significant hole.  It was designed to be there.  Only one thing can completely fill it.  To the brim.  Spilling over and onto others, wholly full.

What are you trying to fill your hole with?  Alcohol, friends, food, your kids, family members, spouse, money, travel, fancy things, drugs, sex, a deep longing, music, tv, movies, books, or something else?

Do you find that the hole just requires more?  You wake up and it’s bone dry, empty again.

There is only one thing that can fill you.  The One and Only.  He wants to fill you.  He desires relationship with you, One that is pure and true.

I am guilty of trying to fill up on things of this world only to be left unsatisfied and often, beaten down by poor choices.  Nothing I choose on this earth will satisfy that insatiable need for a relationship with Christ. You and I both know this to be true.

Why then do we turn to food or something else when we are feeling down?  Because we are human but I truly believe the main reason is habit.  Habits are hard to change.  Instead of eating a bag of potato chips or turning on the boob tube, why is it we don’t pick up the Word and refresh our spirits?

The next time you find yourself with that empty pit of the stomach feeling, pick your bible up and spend some time with your Lord.  Do it just this once.  I dare you to journal about how you feel afterward.  Drop me a line and tell me how it went, if you so desire.  Do it. Just once and see if it doesn’t change you in some way.

Why do you think we turn to outside substances to fill us up?  Why isn’t God enough for us?

Ps 4:7
You have filled my heart with greater joy than when their grain and new wine abound.

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  1. And I always find it just amazing & humbling what message God places before me. Whatever I need to read, whether it be encouragement, instruction, conviction, forgiveness, He speaks to me through His Word.

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