Happy New Year! Or Is It?

kids at red rock NV

Littles at Red Rock

Happy New Year! Time to start goal setting, making resolutions, and making life changes. Right? Maybe I shouldn’t tell you that I don’t set resolutions. I like the fresh start of the new year but I also realize that every day we are given a fresh, new day to fill. A new week every week. A new month. We can create new goals every day, not just at New Year’s.

And maybe I shouldn’t share that our new year’s eve wasn’t very fun. I have a screaming headache I can’t shake and then, my 11 year old started puking last night. Happy New Year’s Day to us! Poor kiddo. Now we pray it doesn’t spread through out.

Did I mention that I have a severe phobia of puking? Also known as emetophobia. Have you seen the movie, Four Christmases? That line where Vince Vaughn says, “I can’t be around it. I’ll get sick. I’m gonna do it too.” Yeah, that leaves hubby as the go to vomit guy. Sorry honey, I love you so much for being that guy!

We also just returned from a week in Las Vegas visiting my mom for Christmas. We drove 1930 miles round trip, that’s 965 miles ONE way. That is a long day in the car. A very, very long day.

We had a great time, filled with fun and family time. But don’t worry, kids still fought in the car because someone was pushing the piles of pillows onto another, seats were pushed, and stinky feet were dangled into a face or two.

“Skunked” is a new term in our vocabulary. Farting in a car with the windows up defines this lovely word. Um yeah, I have three sons and grew up with all boys. You can’t scare this mama. I’m not a delicate gal. But I am thankful for automatic windows!

17 hours of sitting in a car gives you a lot of thinking time, so long as no one’s fussing and fighting. I prayed for cars that passed us on the freeway to pass the time. I prayed over businesses as we drove past them. I prayed over my readers. And family members. I prayed for friends. And our trip. Pretty much anything I could think of I prayed over. It really does help take the focus off of the discomfort of being trapped in a box on four wheels.

Maybe I shouldn’t tell you that while on vacation I seriously contemplated giving up being a writer. Until God started pouring a whole lot of good stuff into me and showing me things He wants me to tell all of you.

And there is so much that I don’t even know where to start. It’s a bit overwhelming. And full of awesome.

A sneak peak at one of the best things from our trip is our upcoming non-profit we are starting. Bet Everything On Love will be up and running soon! I’ll be sharing the story behind the name in the next week or two.

While our new year hasn’t gotten off to a great start, we are excited and hopeful for what this next year will bring. Last year I chose my one word for the year and I’ve contemplated whether or not to choose another word. But I did and my word this year is LOVE. We’re betting everything on LOVE this year. Everything.

Wishing you a fruit filled New Year! Remember, you get a fresh start every single day. You don’t need the holiday to begin again. Day-by-day. That’s all any of us can do.

Do you make resolutions in the new year? Have you chosen one word for your year? Share in the comments below. I love hearing from each of you!


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