Get A Mentor

Day 20 of 31 days of depression.

Every one of us should have a mentor. We need someone more experienced in life to show us the ropes, to guide, and to encourage.

An older more experienced person can tell us they’ve been through what we’ve been through in our marriages, family, and life. If you can find someone who has struggled with depression and come out of it successfully, they can be a huge encouragement to you.

A mentor also adds accountability. They can ask the hard questions and help you get back on track. Are you reading your bible? Memorizing scripture? Getting out of the house? Involved at church? Worshiping? Seeing your doctor? Feeling suicidal?

You can suggest questions for them to ask. You know best where you need to be accountable. Be honest.

Finding a mentor might be a challenge. Ask your pastor or a friend who knows everyone, if they have a suggestion. You are going to have to put yourself out there and ask someone to be your mentor.

Do today:

    • Memorize this scripture: Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come! 2 Corinthians 5:17
    • Writing Prompt: Write down a list of folks who might be a good mentor. What questions could you have a mentor ask you to keep you accountable in your walk with Christ and battle against depression?  Don’t forget to write what you are thankful for and act on it.  *If you would like a safe and free place to write, try this online journal at Penzu. It is password protected and you can even encrypt the journal if you need to. You can also use a fake name and junk email address for further protection. This way no one at home finds your personal diary entries.
    • Pray: Lord, please bring the right mentor into my life and help me to be honest with them. I pray for a godly mentor who will hold me accountable but also be gentle and kind. Show me who that person is to be please.  In Jesus Name, Amen.


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The next 31 days we will be discussing depression and healthy ways to combat it but we’re going to get real too. Because for those of us who wind up in the pit often, we know platitudes and fluff pieces do nothing for us. My expertise is only based on my own very personal battles with depression and is no way, professional or medical advice. Your participation in this series is voluntary and Melinda Todd is not legally responsible for any choices or actions of participants. Participants release Melinda Todd and Trailing After God from responsibility and liability and continue at their own risk and discretion.




  1. Yes, a mentor or accountability partner can be a great asset. The main concern in using someone you don’t know well, is building trust. I know that has been an issue for many; they don’t want to confide in someone they haven’t already established a relationship with.
    Being honest, and as you said, putting yourself out there, are vital. The word ‘vulnerable’ comes to mind. :0)
    But when you find a good mentor, they are like finding a nugget of gold. We all need someone to talk to; someone to confide in.
    Thanks for your words Mel.
    Judi Splint recently posted..The Sliding Scale

  2. I love this…
    I’m so so so thankful for the women God has placed in my live who truly speak into it.
    I know they are a gift from Him.
    And when they tell me things (even the hard things) I want to listen.
    Love the way you are following these posts with action points, verses and writing prompts.
    Great idea!
    Kara @ The Chuppies recently posted..Waxed Eyebrows and Who I Want to Please

  3. I was thinking as I was reading – and most importantly PRAY about it! Glad to see you made that the prayer. I have someone who fits your description perfectly, the only problem is we have always spoken over the internet and now that’s down and it’s hard to communicate.
    I have never needed to think of any questions, he knows what to ask about before I do. When I was not feeling well.. suicidal but I didn’t realize it yet, he asked me about it. After that when I would call (and that week the phones worked perfectly) he would ask How are you? and without thinking I would reply, good, okay, or fine.. and each day he would scoff and say, Really? Are you? I just felt confused and didn’t know how to answer. Finally after two weeks of that I really thought about it then I called and said, ‘I’ve not been good.’ and he said, ‘I know.’ Oh.
    Seems obvious now, but it wasn’t. Needed him to point that out. Thank God for my ‘big brother’ so grateful to have him.

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