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Today, it’s about you!

I asked what was the craziest/weirdest thing that has ever happened to you at work. Here is what you had to say.

Scariest – stalked and threatened, weirdest – working in a national park and warning people not to scare the animals because they tended to freak out on the rental cars (mountain sheep will do lots of damage!) and to not leave their doors open cause the deer will tour the rooms, craziest – fighting a rolling bunch of fires started one after the other by kids who wanted to see us run in the night…

I was promoted to manager at fashion bug, and the first saturday the other managers left me to run the store alone a guy flashed his *you know what* to one of my customers through the big glass doors. Cops called, for sure! still laughing about this one 🙂

Strangest experience I have had was when I worked at a tobacco store for a very short time when I was 18. The owner tried to tell me that if I ever caught somebody trying to steal anything that I was to hit the lock and panic buttons under…

A pretty princessy american teen girl who broke down in tears because the concession stand I was cashing at didn’t carry ketchup. An older woman came through my till when I worked at a very large, very public Zellers (think Target), boug…ht a blouse, walked over to the side of the till area and proceeded to change her shirt. She did not do this ‘modestly’, tent style. NO. She pulled off her tshirt and stood there in her ratty bra whilst she ripped the tag off and then pulled the blouse over her head. She then put the old shirt in her bag, smiled and walked off into the mall.
While working at Michaels Craft Store loooonnnggg ago, I had a customer throw her miniature Christmas tree at me. She was mad b/c it wasn’t on sale, though clearly the add stated “life-size” artificial trees, along with a price range. Murphy’s Law…there’s always someONE who will act like this!


Working at the local supermarket..the “triple bag lady” would only go into my line becuase I was the only cashier with the patience to bag every bag (3 times). Before my last day I told her I wasn’t going to be working there anymore, and I… was dying to know why she always asked for her so many bags!! As with any other time she ever came into my line she was silent other than pointing and saying “triple bag that” after each bag! I still to this day have no idea why she needed so many bags. May have been a OCD thing?


Someone had an aneurysm while I was at work.


Threatened with an ice cream cone when customer’s order wasn’t ready as fast as he wanted.

Do you have a crazy work story? Please share in the comments!


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