Dogs of War Review and Sneak Peek

Dogs of War A&E

Have you ever thought someone deserved a second chance? I can’t think of two beings that deserve a second chance more than a war veteran and dogs given up to shelters. You get both with A&E’s brand new show, Dogs of War.

I love that the show brings our servicemen to the forefront. We need to hear their stories. We need to be aware of what they’ve been through and will continue to go through.

“I’d rather have my legs blown off to show that something is wrong with me.”

Can you imagine feeling that?

And as an animal lover who worked at a shelter, it’s awesome that Paws and Stripes give a shelter dog the chance to be loved by someone and to serve soldiers with PTSD.

Please tun into the premiere on Tuesday, November 11 at 10PM ET/PT. A great way to end Veteran’s day on a positive note.

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