Valentine’s Day Wreath for under $2!

Here are a couple of projects I completed yesterday. Both cost under $2

Valentine's Coffee Filter Wreath! $2 to make!bouquetmeltodd







These pretty decorations were made with coffee filters. 200 coffee filters were $1.69 – and I only used 100 of them between the two projects!

You will need:

  1. Coffee filters
  2. hot glue gun & hot glue
  3. Embroidery hoop – Get a large one and separate the two pieces. TWO wreaths for 80cents each! Or you can cut a wreath form out of cardboard and pad it with plastic bags, then wrap it in duct tape.
  4. Ribbon and watercolors to embelish
  5. An empty large soup can

Fold the coffee filter in half, in half again, and in half one more time to form a flower. Twist the bottom.


Hot glue your flowers to your embroidery hoop. Glue flowers in a group, instead of a straight line.



I did one section larger than the rest because I was going for a bunched look where I painted the carnation.

When you’re done gluing the flowers, you can then embellish the wreath with ribbon. I used water colors and brushed just the tips of the coffee filter flowers, in order to form the carnation flower.


To make the bouquet, make your coffee filter flowers and hot glue them to the outside of a large soup can.


Place your bouquet upside down over a pretty goblet or wine glass.


Add your decor to a mantle or table for a pretty decoration. Wouldn’t these be beautiful for a wedding? You could paint them with watercolors to add vibrant colors and match any color scheme!

Coffee Filter Blossom - under $2 to make

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