Depression: Escape With Friends

Day 17 of 31 days of depression.

Plan a night out – or in – with your friends.

Gather together for appetizers – many Applebees do half off appetizers from 9pm-close.

Have a fun potluck dinner party at your home.

Have a movie party.

Get together for coffee.

Go shopping or window shopping.

The point is to go do something with your friends because you need it. You need to laugh, you need to talk, and you need to be with people whether or not you feel like it.

Depression likes to isolate you. Don’t allow that. Being isolated and depressed is from the enemy.

If you don’t feel up to organizing, ask a friend to do it and tell them why. They’ll be happy to.

It doesn’t have to be anything extravegant or expensive but make sure what ever you do allows for talk and laughing time.

Pick your friends wisely. Don’t go out with someone who puts you down or makes you feel terrible about yourself. Also don’t do things with friends who don’t encourage your walk with the Lord. No friends in low places.

Do today:

    • Memorize this scripture: The Lord is faithful, and he will strengthen and protect you from the evil one. 2 Thessalonians 3:3
    • Writing Prompt: Write down things that you can do with friends. Don’t forget to write what you are thankful for and act on it.  *If you would like a safe and free place to write, try this online journal at Penzu. It is password protected and you can even encrypt the journal if you need to. You can also use a fake name and junk email address for further protection. This way no one at home finds your personal diary entries.
    • Pray: Lord, thank you for friends. Please help me get out of this depression and find time to enjoy my life again. I pray for the kind of friends who will encourage me. In Jesus Name, Amen.

To Purchase This Song: Hold Fast

What is your favorite thing to go do with your friends? Share below in the comments. Your suggestion might help someone else.






The next 31 days we will be discussing depression and healthy ways to combat it but we’re going to get real too. Because for those of us who wind up in the pit often, we know platitudes and fluff pieces do nothing for us. My expertise is only based on my own very personal battles with depression and is no way, professional or medical advice. Your participation in this series is voluntary and Melinda Todd is not legally responsible for any choices or actions of participants. Participants release Melinda Todd and Trailing After God from responsibility and liability and continue at their own risk and discretion.


  1. Escaping with friends is the most refreshing thing I have found when I am feeling down. Great suggestion. Time to plan something!

  2. I really enjoy this series. You touch on such basic things that are often forgotten. I like that everything is realistic and affordable. I used to have hobbies and then I had kids. It’s time to do something I enjoy simply for my own enjoyment.

    • I’m so glad Liz. We don’t have a lot of money so I am making this list so that even folks like me can find a way to incorporate them. I feel like I have finally come out of the mommy fog this past year or so. I totally understand what you are saying about everything being about kids. There is light at the end of the tunnel!

  3. This is my favorite piece of advice! Seriously, the best bad mood breaker is time with my girlfriends! We laugh our heads off.

  4. Laugh. That’s my favorite. I’m so glad I have funny friends!

  5. We get together for dessert and board games once a month. It’s so much fun! At Christmas time we do a white elephant gift exchange and it’s the highlight of the year!

    • We do this with my family. I have some perfect white elephant gifts stored up for this year’s get together too 🙂

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