Dear Self

Dear precious little girl self:

As you spin and spin in your pretty swirly skirt, seeing how far the skirt will go out, I want to turn your face and look you in the eye.  I want to brush your freckled nose with my hands and show you how to deal with your crazy, frizzy curls.  But most of all, I want to tell you that you are loved.  Beyond what you can see.  Beyond the scars on your heart and the blame games you play in your mind.  Sweet child, life will be okay.  Dream big, little one, for God has big things in store for you!  He’s going to love you through your pain.  You’ll come out healed, on the other side.  So stay young little one.  Don’t take on more than you are supposed to.  Be a child.  Run, jump, play, and twirl.  Let the joy in and keep on loving hard!

Dear teenage self:

(this is a pic of my deceased cousin and I)

Oh my awkward love, I wish you could see how lovely you are.  I wish you could see beyond your outward appearance and see all that God has in store for you.  You don’t have to chase after love from boys, you’re loved right where you are by the only perfect love that will continue to grow you and change you from the inside out.  You’re going to make mistakes and you may beat yourself up for poor moral choices.  God’s going to see you through them.  He doesn’t let go because we try to.  He’s not going to abandon you, like others have.  You’re His and you’re beautiful.

Dear Adult Self:
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Keep growing, keep loving, and keep moving forward!  Look at all God has done in your life!  Look at all you know you don’t deserve and yet, have been gifted.  Remember who you belong to and don’t let anyone shake who you know you are.  Uplift others, bring joy to whom you can.  Love and protect your children and stand side-by-side with your husband.  Be a soft place to fall.  Welcome others into your life and home.  Love on those who are hurting.  Be gentle with all.  Keep fighting the good fight.  And pray.  Everywhere, everyday.  Pray.

♥ me

PS.  And don’t worry, the double chin WILL go away 🙂  Keep up the hard work.


  1. Great post Melissa, how I wish we could really go back and say those things to ourselves!
    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. Love it Mel! I too wish I had that wisdom way back then (especially the teenage self), but hey… better late than never and God is so good to heal our wounds! Blessings!
    Heidi recently posted..Try Not Do

  3. Just popping by to say thank you for visiting Mommy D’s Kitchen! I hope you have a lovely Monday!

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