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Dear Mel,
I know that this sounds crazy, but I have been struggling with fear. I often have panic attacks at night, where I feel like my dad is ready to grab me from behind and hurt me. I was abused as a child, and this was a common scene for me. As much as he never caught me, I still have that fear that he will. He is now out of my life, but it is still there. Any advice?

~ Scared to be caught ~

Dear Scared to be caught:
I can relate to this as I also have panic attacks when something weighs on me. It can be hard to get it under control but it is possible. When I start feeling an attack coming on, I start praying for relief. I will then recite my life verse which is Jeremiah 29:11 Other times, I will start whispering the name of Jesus over and over again.

For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline. 2 Timothy 1:7

Think about many of the bible stories that you know. Was David someone you’d pit against Goliath? Yet, God used him to defeat him. If the anxiety attacks don’t relent, find someone who is willing to pray over you.


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  1. Dear Scared…
    Mel’s advise is good. It works. That’s what I do too. Also, God provides medication to help us, I think each person has to know Gods will for them in this area. He is gracious with us. Some breaks are so vast, it can take time to become strong enough to stand on His Word and not fall from fatigue. Life is complicated. Jesus is our all in all.

  2. And in addition to what Mel has said, do you have someone you trust to talk to about these fears that will point you toward reality? Not that the fear isn’t real, but that it doesn’t need to take control of you. Verses about how God cares for us are powerful and real. Our strength is in Him and facing that fear head on helps. A Christian counsellor can be a real benefit when they are strongly rooted and grounded in the Word. They can teach you techniques that are very valuable for many situations. A lot of fear is from secrets, as well. The more we open up to people, the better the situation gets. Start with the REALLY safe ones and you can branch out as you gain confidence. It’s worth the hard work.
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  3. Let me also offer this perspective: I used to be haunted by an issue from my past that I needed healing from. I prayed about it all the time. I went to counseling about it. I tried everything. And then for a few years I moved, and the issue wasn’t front and centre anymore. And I got involved in women’s Bible studies, and I grew in my faith, and I learned more of God, and I became a better wife and mom.

    And one day it hit me: I’m not angry and scared anymore, even though I hadn’t been praying directly about it. And the reason is that “whatever you focus on expands”. Yes, we need to pray for healing. Yes, we need to pray through hard memories and fears, and counselors are even necessary for many, I think. But ultimately I believe the more we learn about God and let Him in, the more He changes our hearts and heals us without us even realizing it. He becomes bigger, and the problem becomes less.

    I recorded a short video talking about getting rid of the things that hold us back. I hope this helps!

    Sheila from To Love, Honor and Vacuum.
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    • You are right, Sheila. I think these are all stages. Pray for healing from memories and fears, counselling if necessary, and learn more about God and let Him be more and more in our lives. Focus and refocus. 🙂
      Melody recently posted..The New Testament- A Forgery

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