Dear Mel Vol15

Dear Mel:
Some years ago i was Raped, thankfully i’ve came along way since then Amen to God for that. i still struggle with one big problem in my life and that’s TRUST!!! doesn’t matter who or what it is and that includes God…..
i just want to trust more very much espceially in God and be able live my life without this being an issue for me.

i believe this is holding me back in many ways.

longing to trust

Dear Longing to Trust:
Trust can be such a hard road for someone who has been so badly hurt. I’m so sorry you were raped. My first piece of advice is always to pray about it and go to God with this situation, as many times as you need to. You’re not required to trust everyone, nor should you. I recommend Beth Moore’s, Believing God study – you can enroll online and do the study from home. I think that core relationship with the Lord and learning to trust Him is where you need to start first. Memorize Proverbs 3:5 and Jeremiah 29:11 to start. Once your foundation with God is solid, other relationships tend to fall into place.

Dear Mel:
Why are Christians such jerks?

Angry at Christians

Dear Angry at Christians:
I’m sorry you are feeling angry with Christians. I can understand your sentiment though I think most humans can fall into the jerk category at some time or another. Christians aren’t immune from making mistakes. If you’re hanging around with some folks who aren’t very nice, try finding other Christians to befriend that might be nicer. If these Christians are some that you have been close with perhaps you could tell them how you feel and how they are coming across to you.


  1. Oh wow…another two hurting people, great love shown.

    Trust has to be earned, and first I had to learn to trust myself. Trust that I could step away from a person or situation that made me uncomfortable but also trust my self that I could try something new and outside my comfort zone. Trust take little steps and each one should be celebrated!

    Christians being jerks – are they people who are jerks who say they are Christian or are they being jerks by using their faith as a stick rather than as a demonstration of love and grace? Some times people try too hard and seem to be jerks, sometimes people are afraid and come across as jerks and sometimes they just don’t like anyone who isn’t just like them – and can be jerks. Depending on why and how they are being jerks you could walk away (which I would do) and find people who show more of God’s love. Seek them, God will lead you to them if you are open to finding them somewhere unexpected.

    Prayers, love and bright blessings…

  2. Longing to trust

    Dear Mel,

    Thank you for your kind reply and useful information, i willl take full advantage of your suggestions.

    Longing to trust

    • Please let me know if there is more I can do. More scriptures I can suggest? I have my Believing God study. If you want a partner in that study, I would be willing to do that with you. Just drop me an email! ♥ Mel

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