Dear God, Thank You For…

Friday you’re the star! What better way to celebrate Good Friday than to thank God for all the love He’s given us. These were the sparkly responses to this week’s question!

Dear God thank you for____________________

–          My gorgeous kids

–          My wonder family and the life you have given me

–          Dying on the cross for all of us!!

–          Everything, Good & Bad for I know you won’t give me anything that you won’t leave me with resources to find the right path through.”

–          Chemotherapy, my 1 year old wouldn’t be here today

–          Jesus

–          The roof over our heads and my family being together!!

–          My mother who always gives me the best advice and support..

–          Everything.

–          Life! Then jolly ranchers

–          Everything. Even the bad is used for the better. 🙂

–          Family and happy memories especially now!

–          Your grace and mercies anew and the joy of salvation in Christ Jesus!

–          The strength to carry on, even when the pain feels unbearable.

–          Recovery… Your Grace, Your Unconditional Love, Your Mercy, Your Absolute Awesomeness!

–          Friends

–          Giving me the patience to love my children even when I want to put them in the closet!

–          For loving us unconditionally!

–          My baby, sleeping peacefully and sweetly in my lap, and my big babies, all tucked in their beds!

–          Second chances

–          You!

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