Crazy and Weird Restaurant Stories!

You shared your crazy and weird restaurant stories and here they are!


The first time I tried to nurse my oldest son (he’s 11 now!) in a restaurant I spilled an entire glass of water ALL over everyone! It was kinda embarrassing!

I once had a big green worm in my salad! I showed the manager and he said “oh, would you like a new salad?” Duh…

craziest thing was seeking out a stressed out server after witnessing her being abused by a customer. He was so mean to her and she didn’t do anything wrong (not that anyone deserved to be treated that way!) an…d I went looking for her to ask for some soda and to see if she was okay. I spoke to her manager. The other was watching a choking child and then speaking to the parents who seemed totally unconcerned and offended that I would be worried because they were DOCTORS (and no their PhD’s didn’t show, nor did their parental concern…it was all about their salads!)…the baby was okay but I was worried for a while.

My MIL accidentally threw away her dental appliance at Texas Roadhouse yesterday. It was quite the fiasco!! My DH was soo embarrassed.

I guess it would be both weird & nice. When I was 11, I broke BOTH wrists, so I had a cast on 1 & a splint on 1. My mom & I went to Applebee’s. Well, I wanted the riblet basket. The server brought out my food, then said, “I’ll be right bac…k.” He brought me out a PILE of wet wipes & put a clean dish cloth over my cast. He made a big fuss over me & of course being a “tween” girl & him being a college-age boy, I loved it! LOL!


we had a waiter drop and break a glass on my sister, not only did she get her meal free but we all did! My sister was fine not even a scratch


My oldest son has multiple food allergies. When we eat out it’s difficult to say the least. A couple of winters ago, when he was about 4, we were out for lunch when my girls got ice cream with their meals. Well, my little man is allergic to… dairy and couldn’t have any. He was understandably sad. The waitress told him to hang on a minute, that she had something for him. She came back with a fresh pile of snow that she had shaped into his own personal snowman! Had it on a plate and everything! He thought that was just the most incredible thing ever and we were very impressed that our young waitress went so far out of her way to make him happy.


The screws from the (spinning) overhead fan started dropping on the table. We got up and moved quick like LOL


I fainted in the middle of a restaurant when I was on a trip to the coast with the youth group in 8th grade. That was interesting… I felt bad cuz instead of enjoying the beach like planned, the whole group had to go to the er with me 🙁


This guy was trying to tear down the faith of a young lady in a restaurant. We stepped in to defend. It turned out that everyone in the restaurant that night, besides the faith destroyer, was a Christian. I’ve seen miracles just happen.


funniest thing I’ve ever had pleasure of seeing was in a restaurant. At a nearby table there was a birthday party of adults, while birthday man went to bathroom the table asked waitress to take part in something. Fast forward she brought man his food and he told waitress I asked for my burger with no mayo, with a deadpan look she took top of bun and scraped it on edge of table plopped it back on burger and said “no mayo, anything else?”. The look on the man’s face was totally priceless! The whole restaurant was in a fit of laughter!


When I was little, I ordered shut up doggies.  …hushpuppies.


We were chased down inside a Fred Meyers for “stealing” a Burger King toy. My son had just received it in his kid meal when we had eaten in their restaurant. The woman chased us down in the store, screaming at us like a lunatic. I stomped back into the restaurant and told her she could look up our purchase and if she wanted I would pull our garbage out of the trash. We were one of maybe four people that had been in there the entire time and yet, they didn’t remember the four of us eating in there and ordering a child’s meal? I wrote to the manager about how we were treated. Never heard back.


Do you have a crazy and/or weird restaurant story? Share it in the comments! We love hearing them.

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