Confessions Of An Expat Day 1

Diary of an Expat by Melinda ToddDear Diary,

I feel like I should really just write, Dear Diary, It’s Me Mia. 🙂

I can’t believe I’ve been living in Haiti for 6 months now. Boy, have my expectations and ideas changed since I stepped off the boat and onto the island. I adjusted quickly to no electricity and no running water in my apartment.

Very little water is really needed to get clean taking a bucket shower. Until moving here, I never understood the 5 gallons of water wasted every minute during a shower back home. I can now completely bathe myself with a 2.5 gallon of water. Hair days require 5 gallons and a lot less shampoo and conditioner than ever before! Well, hopefully I’m as clean as I think I am. The natives aren’t shying away from my stink, so I think I’m okay.. I wonder if I could even take a one minute shower back home?

I helped the nannies at the orphanage unpack donations from one of the mission teams today. It seems the team didn’t sort the items before bringing them here. I never quite understand that. We pulled out several heavy winter coats and a pair of snow boots. How do folks believe these items are useful in the heat of the Caribbean?

At least 8 t-shirts that were severely stained and several with giant holes in them separated into another pile. I could see the disappointment in the furrowed brows of the nannies. I asked what the pile of shirts would be used for. They told me menstrual rags. Oh. I am still surprised by the small things I take for granted. Like being able to afford the purchase of maxi pads every month.

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