Committed To Love

PhotobucketMarch 1st, 1996

Nineteen year old high school sweethearts and clueless.  That was my husband and I fifteen years ago today.  That’s the beauty of young love, being okay about the unknown.  We knew we didn’t know it all but we still took the plunge because we believed love was enough.  And for the most part, I still believe that.  Not just love but we have a commitment to love.

We didn’t take vows of until divorce do we part but until death do we part and we meant it.  So as long as one of us doesn’t kill the other, there’s still hope each and everyday.  Even when he hurts my feelings or I snore and keep him awake half the night.  Even when life becomes overwhelming and exhausting and things just don’t go our way.  Even then we’ve committed to love each other.

Today, choose to be committed to love.  If you are single, commit to love God even more than you do.  Love takes commitment and hard work.  If we weren’t committed to each other, there would have been many times one of us would have run screaming from the relationship!

Happy 15th Anniversary babe!

Proverbs 10:12
Hatred stirs up dissension, but love covers over all wrongs.

Melinda Todd


  1. Happy Anniversary! Hope you enjoy your day!
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  3. Awesome! Y’all are so cute! Happy Anniversary!:)
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  4. Happy anniversary! Great post!
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  5. Happy Anniversary!!!!!

  6. Great photo! Congrats on your years together.

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