Cheeky Friday Duck Humor Art and A Silly Duck Story

Getting The Duck Out Of Here by Mel's Doodle Designs

We had two white Pekin ducks, Buster and Charlie, when I was a teen. They were attacked one night and we lost Buster and Charlie’s leg was permanently injured- she always walked with a gimp from then on. After that night Charlie realized the dog would protect her and our dog, Buford became Charlie’s new bestie. We couldn’t bring poor Buford into the house without incurring the wrath of Charlie. She would quack like a maniac until we brought Buford outside.

In fact, we had to take the duck camping with us. She was a pretty good little hiker and even enjoyed splashing in the ocean a little bit. 😆

Charlie would meet my brother and I at the bus stop and then walk back down the long driveway with us.

Someone dumped a litter of kittens on our property and Charlie did not like them! She would chase them around and knock them on the head with her bill and then go steal their cat food.

We also had a muster (large group) of peacocks on this property – this is the reason I despise these beautiful birds, but that’s a story for another day) and Charlie eventually decided hanging with the big birds was pretty cool too. Sometimes we could call her in from hanging with the cool kids and other times she wouldn’t come at all.

She was quite the little character and we were really sad to give her up when we moved. She went to a friend’s property with a pond and lived happily ever after with other ducks.

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