Can I Suffer Depression And Still Be A Christian?

Day 4 of 31 days of depression.

*Dear Mel is an old column I used to write. No longer accepting questions at this time.

Dear Mel:
I have been told that I must not be a real believer if I suffer from depression or that I must have some sin in my life to feel the way I do. Maybe I really am not following Christ like I should be but I don’t understand the rude comments about my depression. Do you think you can’t be a real Christian if you suffer from depression?
~ Depressed Believer?~

Dear Depressed Believer:
I don’t for a second think that you are not a true believer and I think that is a lie that Satan has fed into the church body to reek havoc on those who suffer. Look at the bible. Folks were depressed! David and Job for example. From reading the stories of Rachel and Leah, I think both sisters suffered from depression.

Satan can and does use other believers to do his bidding. That’s a sad thing to say but it’s the truth. That doesn’t mean you have to buy it. If they’ve been given misinformation – which I truly believe is the case here – then that is between them and God. Let them sort it out with Him but don’t buy into it.

Could you have a secret sin? Sure, we all could! I don’t know if you do this but when I’m feeling down, I confess everything I can possibly think of! If you think there is a possibility of a sin you haven’t confessed, pray about it. He’ll reveal to you what you need to take a look at.

If you are suffering from depression try to figure out the why of it. What is at the root of it all? A good Christian counselor maybe able to help you figure out what is going on. We’ll be talking more about counseling later in the series. Don’t give up and don’t let anyone else be your judge and jury as a Christian. You belong to God and He knows your heart.

Do today:

    • Memorize this scripture: So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed. John 8:36
    • Pray: Lord, please show me if I have an area in my life that I need to work on or give to you. Help free me of my depression. If I have an unconfessed sin, please show it to me. Thank you for dying for me and loving me even when I feel down and unlovable. In Jesus Name, Amen.

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Day 5: Give Up


The next 31 days we will be discussing depression and healthy ways to combat it but we’re going to get real too. Because for those of us who wind up in the pit often, we know platitudes and fluff pieces do nothing for us. My expertise is only based 0n my own very personal battles with depression and is no way, professional or medical advice. Your participation in this series is voluntary and Melinda Todd is not legally responsible for any choices or actions of participants. Participants release Melinda Todd and Trailing After God from responsibility and liability and continue at their own risk and discretion. *No longer accepting questions for this series.



  1. Oh this is a pet peeve of mine. When humans start defining what a good Christian looks like, we get into trouble. That is God’s job. NO ONE else’s!

  2. Lost and Found Lady

    Not only would I believe that the depressed person is saved and well loved by God, I would believe that this person is about to attain some spiritual treasure. So often when my victory is near, the disruptions start. In fact now, I can set my clock by them. 5…4…3….2…1.. Queue problem.

    And one thing that makes me really tempted for depression is unfairness. I don’t think anything else has the power like it. The more I might expect fairness.. um, like say.. in a CHURCH… the more frustrated I am that some people are lingering in their lower nature.

    What goads me about unfairness is that I haven’t really accepted my elite status in the Lord. Or that God is a witness of all social transactions and has said in the gospel of Mark that we have to give an account of EVERY word we say. I’ve probably forgotten that God is going to take up my cause. Looking to other people to validate my person-ness, my right to exist has not worked out well for me. What HAS worked? Two things. 1) Shifting my time to spend more of it with regenerated people and 2) Trying to remember that all the really great saints and certainly the apostles were persecuted – apparently, I’ve joined the club.

  3. I would like to point out something that was pointed out to me years ago.

    If everything is going smoothly all the time, chances are you need to take a look at your relationship with God. Because Satan is going to attack you when you are in the Lord’s army.
    I know what I’m trying to say, but I’m having a hard time articulating it. Maybe Mel can help with that.
    Being a believer with depression is just that. Being a believer with depression. I believe that the things satan can spring on us can be used for good for the glory of God. Reach for Him during those times. Don’t succumb to it.
    I have a book called “Praying the Word”. In it, she has dedicated an entire chapter to prayer helping us to overcome depression. It’s worth taking a look at.


  4. Depression or lack of is not a condition for salvation. Anyone who questions your salvation based upon your mental state is not living under grace and I would encourage you for your mental health to stay away from people like that. Knowing depression from living with it in my family and having suffered it myself nothing helps less than someone telling you that what you are going through is not real or that you should ‘stop’. It doesn’t show much love and really isn’t helpful at all. Coming from a church family it makes it so much worse because that is where you are seeking prayer, support and love. Not judgement. Read this post from Duane Scott, it really brought to light how we can both find support and be supportive of people who are hurting.

    Praying for you and for your church family.
    Shanyn recently posted..Heart’s overflow

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