Beauty Mark

John 16:33
“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

Psychiatric wards, sexual abuse, suicide, abortion, tragedy, beauty, strengths, weaknesses, and love are all words I would use to describe this past weekend’s Women Of Faith conference.  These women were absolutely beautiful in their brokenness.

We weren’t given the stereotypical, cookie cutter Christians as speakers.  We were given the gift of women who had been broken and healed by a might God.  There was no fluff.  Behind the make-up, hair spray, and pretty clothes were real life women who have experienced something in their lives that left them scarred and broken.

They didn’t pretend that life didn’t hurt.  They didn’t amuse us with meaningless dribble.  We laughed and we cried but most of all, we related to each other.  These women have been through heart break that I couldn’t even imagine and some heart breaks I could sadly relate to.

Life is going to sock us in the teeth.  Some will be bruised, battered, scarred, and missing a few teeth only to get back up to keep fighting.  While others may lay on the floor with broken bones and hearts, unable to get back up without help from others.  Down deep we are all the same.  We will all be bullied and abused by life.

It is okay if you can’t get back up to fight right away.  Christ will meet you face down on the ground, if that is where He needs to find you.  Do me a favor will you?  Look up and let Him find you.  He will meet you where you are.  Christ will chase you girl, but you never have to chase Him.

Don’t let Satan use you as a punching bag.  You were not put on this earth to be boxed around, though Satan would like to have you believe that.  You may not be strong enough to fight him but Jesus is.  Lean into Him and let Him be your beauty mark.

Beauty Mark by Natalie Grant


Updated 12/24/2010

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