Battle To Win It


Are you facing a battle in life?

I am.

I find myself trying to wrestle life to the ground; beating it over the head, hoping for submission I want it wrapped up in a pretty, big box (yeah, I won’t lie, I don’t want the little one), preferably with a white picket fence surrounding it and beautiful flowers covering every inch of it. I’d also like a babbling brook running alongside and harps playing in the background.

Instead, I find myself buried up to my knees in dirty laundry, pee on the bathroom floor, and munchkins screeching and screaming through the house. In one door and out the other they run, sometimes with mud covered feet. Rotating in the same routine, every day.

At the end of the day, when all is quiet and I have a moment to reflect, I realize that my longing isn’t all that crazy. I am longing for my permanent residence, with the King himself. My desire is to walk the golden streets and imagine life in peace, without pain, without chaos. To bask in love, in the biggest house imaginable. The one He is creating for us. For you and for me.  (John 14:3 )

Because there is hope. This life is full of stings and pain far beyond anything we can often imagine feeling. We are told that His grace is sufficient. We are promised eternity and peace. That alone helps get me through the days when I think I absolutely cannot go on any longer.

2 Cor 12:9
But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.

Does the mundane routine of life get you down? Don’t worry, I know you love your kids and love being a wife/mommy but sometimes the routine of it all and even the big and little things of life, can leave us wondering what it’s all about.  It leaves us longing for more…

I believe that more is heaven, itself.

*Photo courtesy of my husband.


  1. I have been sitting up and reading all your blog posts tonight. My husband is working nights this week and I have a hard time sleeping without him here. I freak myself out when I’m alone at night. I can relate to you so much. This post says it all. When I read the laundry up to my knees and pee on the bathroom floor part, I couldn’t help but laugh. That is my life, every day. I have three kids and a dog, and I home school. Just wanted to say thanks for all the great posts.

    • Christie, I am so thankful to have you here. I pray that God uses my experiences to help you through the rough time. I hate being alone at night so I totally relate to not being able to sleep. That is so hard. 🙂 May your day be blessed!

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