Are You Spending Unwisely?


You shall stand up before the gray head and honor the face of an old man, and you shall fear your God; I am the Lord. Leviticus 19:32

We’ve all been gifted with the same amount. Equal. One of the few truly equal commodities.

Are you squandering yours?

As I sat and listened to his life stories – my family history – it became apparent. There was only one thing he truly wanted. One expense I could find a way to spare.

Not just my time, but my ears. My full attention, listening, absorbing, asking.

For one person to hear and accept them. To even go as far as recording because when they’re gone, we can never get them back.

I know you’ve heard it before. I pray you’ll really hear it again, maybe really take it in. Absorb it, swish it around, and then act.

I could play the money card. I don’t have the money. But I have the phone. I have paper, envelopes, and a stamp. I have email. I have Facebook – yep, my grandpa (not my great grandpa pictured) is hip enough to have a Facebook page.

I have no excuse.

And neither does anyone else, really.

The Hebrew tradition dictated a young man stand when an older man passed by and be seated as soon as he had passed by to show honor and respect. To dishonor an elder was a capital crime.

A capital crime!

I know I am blessed to still have a Great Grandfather walking this earth. He’s a treasure to be sure. What about you? Is there a treasure in your life that needs a little bit of your time? Don’t spend your time unwisely. There are somethings you can’t earn back!

* This is a general post. Clearly if you come from an abusive family history, this advice may not apply to you.

** Photo is of my Great Grandpa Graves and my daughter. They are playing a game I played with him as a girl. “I can mess up your hair!” šŸ™‚


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  1. What a beautiful picture! My dad always read to my girls. Now he reads to my grandchildren. He also played a game, I can sit in your chair. Now the great grandchildren race to get in his chair so he will sit on them. Such a blessing we have!

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