31 days of Challenge!

I will be starting my challenge on Monday, October 17th, on the topic of depression!



  1. I’m already working on it! I think I’ll make it into one post, and then add to it each day. My focus will be “31 days to spiritual health” with a unique fitness twist incorporating spiritual practices.

  2. Oh I love these! These blog hop things are how I have found some amazing blogs. I hope you get lots of participants Mel.

  3. I’m not sure how these things work but I’m interested in joining you. And I have something God has been pressing on me lately…31 Days of Loving Those You Hate. Such a hard challenge but one that benefits you more than anything else ever could when you complete it. I know there are a few people that I dislike (I won’t say I hate anyone) and my 31 Days goal will be to love them and pray for them as though they were my closest friends…and who knows, after 31 days, maybe something will change, Lord willing. But how do I go about joining you guys on this journey??
    Megan recently posted..Day 1 & 2- John 1:1-51

    • Megan that is a fabulous idea! Write your first post and link it up to the little linky guy on this page. You enter your site url, an image, and an email address and it will link to your site 🙂 Thanks for joining me!

  4. Hello Melinda,
    I’ve been thinking about your challenge and what I could do. Other than seeing a rash of 31-day challenges lately, I’m not too familiar with how they work. Do you do just one link up or is it a daily thing? I’m thinking of starting Oct 31 and go on thru November.

  5. I just want help registering for the depression challenge. Thanks

    • The 31 day challenge link up is closed. Sorry, that closed in December. If you are looking to read through the 31 days of depression, click on the tab at the top of any page.

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