1 Simple Life Hack to Memorizing Scripture In Record Time


How do you memorize scripture when time is short? I have one hack that will have you memorizing scripture in no time at all utilizing something you use every single day.

Using the calendar on your smart phone.

What? I know, this will revolutionize how you memorize scripture.

Super simple, so give it a try and let me know how well it works for you!

Here’s How:

  • Go to your calendar and create a new event.
  • Type in the entire verse as the title of your event.
  • Schedule a time for the verse to pop up – try to pick one that is convenient and when you are not going to be driving. Be sure to create an alert for your verse so it shows up.
  • Now select repeat and click on the everyday option.

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Your verse will now show up daily on your phone. Recite it out loud as you read it and then allow it to go away until tomorrow or you can hit snooze and have it pop up again in a few minutes and recite it again.

As the verse becomes easier and easier to remember, go in and edit the bible scripture and remove a few words from it. Click save.

Now when the scripture pops up, you will have to remember the missing words. Do this until you can recite the verse from memory!

alarm phone memorize scripture

Tada! You have just memorized scripture in a very easy and fast way!

Now it’s time to start the process again with a new bible verse!

Share this secret with your friends! You could even have a bible memorizing challenge and keep each other accountable.

You will be memorizing scriptures like a rock star in no time at all!

What other ways have you found to memorize scripture easily? Share in the comments below.

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  1. Great idea here, Melinda. You always have such practical posts. I am sorry I have been MIA but finally on the mend. God Bless

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