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Saturday Morning Confessions Vol11

  1. Having folks lie about me, especially those who were supposed to be good friends, was very hurtful.
  2. It’s sad that since we left our old church some folks won’t even speak to me now. We didn’t leave because we were unhappy with anyone person but I don’t think people get that.
  3. I really didn’t like the movie Fire Proof. Good message but the acting was cheesy.
  4. The movie Courageous was AWESOME! I can’t wait to see how it changes lives!
  5. My kids are massively stressing me out this summer and it makes me feel like a bad mom.

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  1. I have to agree with you on Fireproof, but that film has such a huge following that I’m made to feel guilty if I complain about the quality.

    • I totally hear you! The message in it was great but it was cheesy. Courageous though, is FABULOUS and I think will have an astounding impact on families!

  2. …didn’t like Fireproof either 🙂
    I’m sorry people were/are mean to you because you left their church. I’ll be your friend 🙂
    Kids can drive us insane, but it’s only for a season. If you prioritize them above everything else, you will not regret it. If you don’t…you might regret it.

    ps. there isn’t a single thing wrong about you 🙂

  3. * I loved Fireproof because the acting was cheesy. If the acting is that lame and I still cry, it has to be a God thing. 😉
    *I hate that people don’t love each other like Christ loved-dude they will know we are christians by our love, not our hugmongous chips on our shoulders.
    *I secretly like that my kids can spend hours on a video game or watching TV- I am pretty sure that’s one of the warning signs of bad mom syndrome.

  4. 1) I am so analytical that it becomes a HUGE problem when trying to read my Bible.
    2) I never understood how Christians could claim to be Christians when they can’t seem to abide by the teachings of Christ, thus I have FOREVER hated the word Christian (if you understand what I mean), and though I use it, I prefer to say I am a follower of Christ.
    3) I am a worry wart. I worry about situations and things that haven’t even THREATENED to happen!
    4) I have not watched Fireproof or Courageous, so I have no earthly clue as to how bad the acting is.
    5) I have just now commited to watching both so I can see just how bad the acting is. ;o)


  5. …and my 6th confession……(drumroll please)

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