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Trailing After God book
Trailing After God is a 31-day devotional adapted from this site. Easy reading along with space to journal what ever God speaks to your heart through each devotion.

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How I Forgave My Molester bookPaper copy only $5.49

or $0.99 for ebook copy

For lots of reviews on this book, click the tab How I Forgave My Molester

This 50 page booklet explores my journey of healing and then gives step-by-step biblical instructions to help you heal from your past. This book is not graphic and it is a quick read because really, you want/need to get to important part which is learning how to forgive and heal!

99c on Amazon

Sometimes in life, the little things get in the way of the things that should really matter. This is the story of what can happen when the little things become too important in a person’s life.

This is a short story I wrote several years ago and won a digital contract for. It is not Christian fiction. I did use the “D” word in it but it is otherwise clean. If you enjoy this story, please leave a review. They are like gold.


  1. Pandora Poikilos

    Hi Mel,
    The site looks as amazing as ever. Congratulations on your book and all the best.
    Best wishes always – Dora

  2. I loved this book! I’m going to buy a copy for my mom for her birthday! It’s a great devotional Mel!

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