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James Bible Study Day 14

James bible study at melindatodd

Welcome to day 14 of our James Bible Study! Let’s unpack verses 19-20. What stands out to you in today’s reading?

Do you struggle in the area to be slow to speak or slow to become angry?

Human anger does not produce the righteousness of God.

Today, grab one of your free James worksheets and journal about the things that make you angry. What makes you blow up? What makes you angry because it hurts your heart? And then look back over that list and see where you need a God intervention in your heart and life.

It might be helpful to do a timeline of your life. Maybe you will see a common theme that links some of your anger. Pray for release from that bondage. You do not have to stay tied to it. As a child of God, you have a right to be free from bondage because He says so! Remember our memory verse Galatians 5:1?

Continue working on memorizing verses 1-4. Pray to hear what God has to share with you today. Pray for ears to hear and a heart that listens.


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