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Capture Your Thoughts

Remember what mama always used to say? If you can’t something nice, don’t say anything at all. Thumper’s mama told him that in the movie, Bambi.  God speaks pretty clearly of it as well in Ephesians 4:29 What about the things we say to ourselves? You can’t do anything right!…

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It’s The Small Things

Isn’t that what we all say?  But really, it’s the big things in life that take our breath away or knock us on our behinds.  No matter what, we dust ourselves off (or change the shirt that just got puked on), humble ourselves, and get back up again. It’s amazing…

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Peace I have struggled for my entire life with something that happened to me as a child.  I was able to forgive my perpetrator face to face years ago but I still struggled with what happened to me and other issues that come with it.  I can honestly tell you,…

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Where’s My Gavel?

It’s amazing how often we pass judgment on others.  I’d bet most of us do it daily.  We are so quick to make assumptions in situations we know absolutely nothing about.  Or we just make a decision on someone because of our own issues or experiences.  No matter how or…

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