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My Art

Enjoy my illustrations. They are copyrighted. Please do not alter, remove the copyright, crop, or otherwise steal my work. Feel free to share them as they are anywhere you’d like 🙂 Thanks for looking! *I’m still learning and perfecting this craft so be kind 🙂

dayofrestmelindatodd Melindatodddrawing pandahorizonmelindatodd sparrowsdrawingmelindatodd

I hope you dance illustration by Melinda Todd



do something everyday melindatodd

Matthew melindatodd

God's Instruction by Melinda Todd

friendship quote by Melinda Todd


Give It Away by Melinda Todd


ballerina illustration by Melinda Todd

Family Hands Full Quote and Illustration by Melinda Todd

My Little Ballerina Illustration by Melinda Todd

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